Curva Concepts C300 Matte Gun Metal 20"

Curva Concepts C300

20"x9" | 20"x10.5"

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Curva Concepts C300 Sporty Rims on a Ford Mustang Coyote 5.0

When Ford made the Coyote version of the Mustang, it was obvious to us that they should have shown some love to the rims. Luckily we had this owner covered with a staggered set of Curva Concepts C300 wheels. This black and white ride has all the Mustang’s strong muscular lines. The gunmetal C300s compliment the ride without distracting from the muted color palette. They look like strong additions to the already fierce lines.

An aggressive staggered set was the obvious choice. Curva Concepts C300 rims take the car’s coiled explosiveness and convert it to pure fluid motion. The 20” rims remove a little of the sidewall making the car more ridged on tight turns. The ride handles amazingly without giving up excessive amounts of comfort.

Powerful is Good

Not only does this ride look mean, it drives mean. The ride was made to quickly tackle the miles and with these Curva Concepts C300 rims, it does just that.


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