Curva Concepts C46 Gloss Black Aftermarket Wheels
Curva Concepts C46 Gloss Gunmetal Aftermarket Wheels


The Curva Concepts C46 are a 10-spoke wheel with a step back to give them visual depth. In combination with the deep hub, the wheel achieves a very dramatic and aggressive look suitable for any vehicle.

Available in:

Width: 9 | 10.5

Finish: Gloss Black | Gunmetal

Curva C46 Lexus ES 350

Built By Design
Each individual Curva Concept Wheel is designed in California and manufactured with upmost attention to detail. We cut no corners when engineering our wheels. 

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Latest Feature
Explore the latest builds in the world of Curva Concepts. Take inspiration from some of our latest notable recent projects. explore feature

Lexus ES 350 on 20x9 Curva Concepts C46