The Curva Concepts C48 features a 20-spoke starburst design with a subtle step back, giving the appearance of a thin spoke wheel. The black machined face variant further enhances this design with a two-tone look. The C48 is the perfect wheel for a big-body luxury sedan, like the Audi A8.

Available in:

Width: 9 | 10.5

Finish: Gloss Black

Curva Concepts C48 Aftermarket Wheels

Width: 9 | 10.5

Finish:  Gloss Black

Curva Concepts Mach E

Diameter: 22″

Width: 9.5

Finish: Gloss Black

Curva Concepts 6-Lug C48

Built By Design
Each individual Curva Concept Wheel is designed in California and manufactured with upmost attention to detail. We cut no corners when engineering our wheels. 

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