Looking for an upgrade to your OEM wheels? A new set of 19 inch wheels may be exactly what your car has been missing. A staggered or square set of 19” inch wheels is typically the go-to size for most enthusiasts, specifically for midsize RWD coupes and sedans. Even if you’re not upsizing, the dramatic change in width and offset can make a positive impact on aesthetics and performance.

At Curva Concepts, we prioritize providing enthusiasts with accurate fitment information. Our selection of custom 19 inch wheels caters to car enthusiasts with diverse driving preferences, ranging from casual, everyday street driving to more intense driving situations found on a race track. Whether you’re looking to enhance performance, meet niche fitment needs, or just boost the aesthetics of your car, Curva Concepts wheels are designed to deliver superior driving dynamics and unbeatable value.

Benefits of 19" Wheels

Larger diameter wheels have been standard from manufacturers for a couple decades now, albeit not as a base-model option. The higher you go on trim level, you’ll usually notice the wheel diameter gets bigger. For example, the new S650 Mustang GT comes with OEM wheel fitments as aggressive as 19×10. Some benefits of 19” wheel include improved acceleration, braking and traction, lighter weight compared to bigger wheels, and a more universal fitment suitable for a wide variety of cars.

black g20 bmw m340i with gunmetal cff46 flow forged wheels

will 19" wheels fit my car?

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a wide range of benefits of 19 inch wheels, such as improved acceleration, braking, traction, handling and overall aesthetic appeal.

Naturally, as the diameter of wheels get larger, they do impact ride quality. That said, the tire you choose also plays a major role in how comfortable your ride is. For example, a 19” wheel with a tire that has an aspect ratio of 25 will ride much harsher than a tire with an aspect ratio of 40 on a wheel of the same size.

The biggest difference between these two sizes are the weight, and in some cases the price of the wheel. It’s important to also note that tires for 19” wheels may cost significantly more.

Similarly to the above comparison, 19” wheels will weigh less, cost less and have a cheaper tire cost than a 20” wheel. However, if performance is important to you, then cost may not play as big a role in your decision making.