When considering a new set of wheels for your vehicle, it’s important to understand the engineering that goes into making an aftermarket wheel fit. Typically, someone looking to upgrade their wheel is looking to go larger in both diameter and width. One of the most popular upsizes is to swap to a 20 inch wheel setup.

Curva Concepts strives to provide enthusiasts with proper fitment data and information, so that when you’re ready to purchase a new set of wheels, you can be confident in your knowledge. We offer a large selection of custom 20 inch wheels suitable for all types of driving situations. From spirited driving in the canyons to regular, everyday commuting. No matter if you’re looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle, or simply make it stand out, Curva Concepts wheels are designed to deliver unbeatable value with performance at the top of mind.

Benefits of 20" Wheels

In recent years, the 20″ wheel has become commonplace amongst manufacturers, as most modern sport sedans and coupes are equipped with large diameter wheels. A good example of this is the BMW M3, which comes with a staggered fitment, host to 20″ wheels on the rear axles. There are a wide range of benefits of 20 inch wheels, such as improved stability, acceleration, braking , handling and of course aesthetic appeal. Additionally, because of how common they are, finding tires and dialing in fitment is easy.

gray ford mustang gt s650 with gloss black cff300 flow forged wheels

will 20" wheels fit my car?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Utilizing 20 inch wheels offer many benefits such as improved acceleration, handling, braking, traction, stability and of course aesthetics.

Whether or not 20 inch wheels ride smoothly will heavily depend on the width of the wheel and the tire size you choose to mount to it. For example, a 265/30 tire will ride much harsher than a 265/40 tire.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to tire shopping. The size of the tire you'll need will depend on the wheel's width and diameter. When shopping for 20 inch tires there are many variables involved such as section width, aspect ratio, driving style, use case and even unique fitment requirements. It's best to reach out to Curva Concepts' fitment experts for help on finding the right tire for your wheels.

Bigger wheels and tires have a higher rolling resistance than smaller wheels and tires, which means they'll require more resistance and effort to get them to move. That said, larger wheels and tires can increase your fuel efficiency if you do a lot of highway driving at higher speeds.