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Curva Concepts C300 Aftermarket Wheels on a Honda Civic Type R

The Type R version of the Honda Civic is sporty. Its lines and body kit make the normally tame civic look like a dangerous beast. This particular little beast looks even meaner with the contrasting paintjob and aftermarket treatments. That includes a set of our 19” Curva Concepts C300s in gloss black. The combination of the red and black everywhere on the ride leads perfectly to the all-black wheels. The large view windows between the thin spokes even do an excellent job of displaying the red brake calipers. Each color choice was carefully thought out and elements were only added if they enhanced the aggressive feel of the ride.

Trying to put large rims on a smaller sporty ride can often be difficult. First there is the smaller tire diameter to deal with. Twenty inch rims that look amazing on bigger muscle cars are impractical on a Honda Civic Type R. Maximizing out the wheel takes away the sidewall. Despite the owner’s desire to go big, smaller rim diameters are required. He went with 19 inch wheels. This makes the ride corner better, but sacrifices a little on the cushioned smoothness of the ride. It does make the car’s profile sleeker and explosive.

The large diameter of the wheel helps with the other big issue with many wheels and smaller sporty cars. The Curva Concepts C300 clears the brake system of the ride. This can be extremely tricky when heavy duty rotors and calipers are crammed into tight spaces with moving parts. This wheel is designed for maximizing out the clearance. That sets it apart from most other options.

C300 Was the Right Fit

Ultimately when this ride needed to win at both form and function, the Curva Concepts C300 was the perfect choice. It looks amazing and fit perfectly with the aggressive build.


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