Curva Concepts C300 Matte Gun Metal 20"

Curva Concepts C300

20"x9.5" | 20"x10.5"

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Curva Concepts C300 20 Inch Rims on a BMW 435i

We put a lot of Curva Concepts C300 wheels on different types of BMWs. The wheel is a highly popular choice with owners who love how the lines of the clean paired spokes enhance their rides. This BMW 435i is no exception. The 20 inch staggered set of C300 rims create a sportier look than the BMW creates on its own. The large wheel diameter along with the wider rears promote the aggressive appearance.

The car’s white paint wants a lighter finish that black. The C300 in gun metal is a neutral finish that doesn’t create too much contrast from the bright white finish. Getting the right balance of blending in and standing out can be tricky. Curva Concepts’ C300 does an excellent job of demanding just the right amount of attention. They enforce the fact they’ve upgraded the ride without taking away from the car’s form.

BMW and 20 inch C300 rims will always be a good look. Curva Concepts is happy we are able to bring this wonderful combination to you.

Upgrading is Easy with Curva Concepts

Curva Concepts strives to bring you the best in stylish clean design. Your ride will look better the moment you swap wheels. Executive style luxury cars will appear even more high society while also adding that aggressive edge to their appearance. Sporty cars benefit from our staggered fitments. SUVs become more imposing with the right set of rims. It really is the easiest way to upgrade your ride. A new set of Curva Concepts is exactly what you need.


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