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Introducing the latest addition to our lineup: the Race Red Mustang GT (S650 Chassis) Wheel, also known as the CFF70. Inspired by the iconic design of the Ford Mustang GT and crafted with precision engineering, the CFF70 is a true testament to automotive excellence.

Mustang GT S650Curva Concepts CFF70

Curva Concepts signifies more than an aftermarket wheel company. We’ve been involved in crafting custom wheels for the last two decades and have witnessed many major trend shifts within the automotive space. This knowledge and experience has given us the resources and tools we need to design, create and manufacture the perfect custom set of staggered or square fitments for the true auto enthusiast.

Our wheels are crafted with all applications in mind. Whether you’re into high performance muscle cars like the Mustang and Camaro or you prefer the Euro styling of BMW and Audi, our collection of aftermarket wheels contain a wide range of designs and sizes. Our fitments don’t end with sedans and coupes, we also cater to large and compact SUVs with fitments ranging from 18-24″ in diameter and widths up to 10.5″. We pay close attention to detail and make sure your car is equipped with the proper sizing and offsets.

The newest addition to our wheel collection comes with the introduction of our Flow Forged series of wheels, dubbed the CFF Series. Our Flow Forged wheels are reserved for those who push the envelope and are seeking a lightweight and durable alternative to standard cast wheels.

More than our wheels, our relationships mean the most to us. Our philosophy from day one was to provide our customers with the highest quality product for the best price with unparalleled customer service.

Curva Concepts Wheel Company

A Dynamic Wheel Group brand

matte gray toyota gr corolla morizo parked next to wall


Our Flow Forged wheels are crafted for those ready to take their vehicle to the next level. Offered in 18” and 20” diameters and staggered fitments, the CFF wheels are much lighter and stronger than our cast line and are built to handle aggressive driving styles.

Gloss Black CFF46 Aftermarket Wheel

Curva Concepts CFF46

CFF70 Home Banner

Curva Concepts CFF70

Gunmetal CFF30 Aftermarket Wheel

Curva Concepts CFF300

Wheel Collection

Each individual Curva Concept Wheel is designed in California and manufactured with upmost attention to detail. We cut no corners when engineering our wheels. view collection

satin gunmetal flow forged cff300 wheels

Vehicle Gallery

A collection of customer vehicles that present our unique wheel designs and aggressive fitments. Our galleries are crafted to inspire your next project. view gallery

An image of a Audi A6 C8 lowered on 20x10 ET40 Flow Forged CFF70 wheels