Curva Concepts C48 Black Wheel 22"

Curva Concepts C48

22"x9" | 22"x10.5"

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Curva Concepts C48 Sporty Wheels on a Ford Mustang

When Ford teamed up with Richard Petty’s Garage to produce the 14 King Premier Convertibles of the Ford Mustang, they were basically strapping a rocket to some wheels. The motor, supercharger and suspension package output a whopping 727 horsepower. They rolled out with some 20”x9” and 20”x10” staggered wheels. This is a pretty mean fitment for an already mean car, but we took it a little farther. A staggered set of Curva Concepts 22” C48 wheels make this explosive beast even more explosive. The wheels are also staggered, but we added an additional half an inch to the with of the back wheels. In a game of inches, this adds more meat to the road.

We love the paintjob of this ride. The sky blue accents on the gloss black look amazing. Not to take away from that, we stuck with gloss black rims. The 22” rims feature thin sleek pairs of spokes. This starburst design remains clean, but still provides excellent view windows for the stout brakes and rotors. The Curva Concepts C42 upgrade looks more aggressive while providing more clearance around the calipers.

This Mustang has been tweaked endlessly to make it one of the fiercest vehicles on the road. The Curva Concepts C42 wheels add size visually and make the car more agile on the road. We know fast.

Upgrading is Easy with Curva Concepts

Curva Concepts strives to bring you the best in stylish clean design. Your ride will look better the moment you swap wheels. Executive style luxury cars will appear even more high society while also adding that aggressive edge to their appearance. Sporty cars benefit from our staggered fitments. SUVs become more imposing with the right set of rims. It really is the easiest way to upgrade your ride. A new set of Curva Concepts is exactly what you need.


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