Curva Concepts C47 Black Machine Faced Wheel 22"

Curva Concepts C47

20"x9" | 20"x10.5"

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Curva Concepts C47 Aftermarket Wheels on a BMW 550i

The owner of this black BMW 550i wanted a set of wheels that contrasted with the car’s dark paint. As a result he decided on Curva Concept C47 aftermarket wheels. These wheels feature a machined face that show off the long slender spokes. The wheel is painted black before the machining. This blends most of the C47 with the car and tires while highlighting the wheel’s radial surface. The result is a strong starburst impression at each wheel.

To further enhance the impact the aftermarket wheels make on the ride, the set runs staggered. These ten and a half inch wheels are set in the rear. The BMW benefits from more tire on the road while also gaining a more muscular look. It is a perfect way to appear both luxurious and mean.

Curva Concepts C47 wheels have the advantage of either being dynamically contrasting or understated depending on a car’s finish. With a ride like this BMW, the wheels are bold. They make a strong statement. On the same car painted white, they remain neutral. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Curva Concepts has you covered no matter what look you desire.


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