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Curva Concepts C42 Black Machine Faced Wheel 20"

Curva Concepts C42

20"x8.5" | 20"x10"

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Curva Concepts C42 Executive Wheels on an Infiniti Q60

The Infiniti Q60 has really clean lines for a sporty luxury vehicle. It’s fitting that this owner added a staggered set of split spoke Curva Concepts C42 wheels. These elegant, yet strong, executive wheels add sleek style to an already stylish ride. Contrasting the conservative paint of the ride is the machined face set of C42 rims. Exposed aluminum accents stand out from the rest of the wheel’s black finish. The car appears to almost float impossibly on this thin metal web.

The Curva Concepts C42 wheel upgrade increases the wheel diameter while giving it a more aggressive staggered stance. The 10” wide rear wheels make a much grander statement than the narrow factory wheels. The car instantly feels more muscular.

Clean Stylish Lines

Swapping out the wheels is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the looks of any ride. This Infiniti Q60 has achieved a more powerful executive look by simply swapping our the boring factory rims. The Curva Concepts C42 20” wheels are simply fierce.


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