Curva Concepts C300 on a BMW 550i Curva Concepts C 300
Curva Concepts C300 Aftermarket Wheel Wheel 19"

Curva Concepts C300

20"x8.5" | 20"x9.5"

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Curva Concepts C300 Aftermarket Wheels on a BMW 550i

One of our customers came by with his BMW 550i on staggered 20” Curva Concepts C300 wheels. We got the video camera out to shoot the black on black combination. This dark pairing creates luxury shrouded in mystery. We’re convinced the classy black coloring makes the BMW look luxurious in any setting. Whether you’re driving the back alleys or pulling up to drop off at a red carpet, the C300 makes the BMW the right car for the occasion.

The Curva Concepts C300 is a versatile wheel. Choosing the black finish to go along with the car’s black paint blends in the wheels visually. Understating the wheels through the finish complements the overall feel of the vehicle. The increase in diameter from the car’s factory wheels also adds to the visual effect. Then the wheels were staggered by putting nine in a half inch wide wheels on the back. The 8.5 inch wide wheels on the front aren’t dramatically different widths, but the subtle step makes a difference. The luxury ride becomes a little more agile and sporty.

This owner managed to put together a sleek perfectly matched ride. It elevates the BMW’s intrigue while maintaining an effective luxury feel. Black Curva Concepts C300 wheels can do that for you.

Upgrading is Easy with Curva Concepts

Curva Concepts strives to bring you the best in stylish clean design. Your ride will look better the moment you swap wheels. Executive style luxury cars will appear even more high society while also adding that aggressive edge to their appearance. Sporty cars benefit from our staggered fitments. SUVs become more imposing with the right set of rims. It really is the easiest way to upgrade your ride. A new set of Curva Concepts is exactly what you need.


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