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Curva Concepts C300 Aftermarket Wheels on a Range Rover HSE

A Land Rover Range Rover is a formidable vehicle. It has clean lines on a high-society design to go with its rugged frame. To improve on these striking looks, we needed to outfit the ride with the equally striking Curva Concepts C300 in a 24” diameter. The larger wheel makes an elegant statement without pulling away from the ride’s proud form. Curva Concepts saw the popularity of the C300 with smaller luxury rides, so it was only fitting that we sided the wheel for larger luxury vehicles. We’re glad we did. They look great on SUVs and Trucks.

The size, color and finish are important when you’re upgrading your rims. Go too small or big with the rims and either the look or the smoothness of the ride suffers. The Range Rover looks great with 24s and the ride stayed silky smooth. From there the owner went with the black tinted machined face finish version of the C300. The ride is black on black on black with no chrome to be seen. The all black version of the Curva Concepts C300 would stick to that theme. A black rim would be completely lost in the sea of shade. Instead the black tinted metal finish washes the aluminum with a tint of night creating a highlight without the bright contrast finish. We thought it a good choice. Dial back the contrast, but don’t lose the effect of your 24s all together.


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