Curva Concepts C49 – Executive Wheels and Finishes

Refined Wheels for Refined Individuals

The Curva C49 is one of the brand’s newer wheels.  They boast a highly sophisticated look.  This comes from a more involved finishing process.  Brushed facing and milling windows add increased detail to the already elegant ten spoke wheel.  It’s this involved finishing that sets the wheels apart from the norm.  They’re not as gaudy as chrome and more refined than basic black.  These understated rich finishes enhance your ride’s appearance without overtaking it.

Appearance is Everything

When you want to roll like a boss, it’s all about generating the right look.  You went out and got yourself the right car.  It is smooth, sleek and like every other of its make and model.  Factory wheels don’t set a vehicle apart from the pack.  They help you blend in like beige.  Nothing about a smooth ride should should ever be classified as beige.

You want to separate yourself from the pack?  Then your car needs a new set of kicks.  This is how you customize to your ride to your persona.  C49s can truly help with that.  These are executive wheels.  They take a normal ride and elevates its game.  Colored inserts and chrome bling scream look at me.  That’s all good if you crave that kind of attention.  C49s will get you noticed, but not distract from you or your ride.  They’re more of a perfectly tailored three piece suit than gold chains and chuck jewelry.  You’ll look good and you’ll know it.  People will instantly understand you care about quality and appearance.  Mission accomplished.

C49-Wheel Stack

Curva C49s Are Available in 20×9 & 20×10.5

We Provide Three Finish Options:

  • Black with Milled Windows
  • Black Barrel with Brushed Face Tinted Black with Milled Windows
  • Gunmetal with Brushed Face with Milled Windows